Lake Salt, Rock Salt, Sea Salt - Salt Works in Karachi

Salt Mounds Chun Su Minerals deals in various kinds of salts such as sea salt, lake salt, and rock salt.

Using Korean technology, we collect various raw forms of salt from salt mines, sea water (using PVC-floored solar evaporation ponds), and salt lakes. The raw salt is then processed and refined to produce different classes of salt products.

Sea Salt

Sea Salt is the name given to salt obtained by evaporation of seawater. At Chun Su Minerals, we extract sea salt by moving seawater into PVC-floored solar evaporation ponds, and collecting and refining the evaporite. The hot and dry climate of Pakistan makes this technique an ideal method of obtaining salt. Details of our sea salt products can be found here: Sea Salt.

Lake Salt

Lake Salt is salt collected from saline lakes, also known as salt lakes. The Lake Salt we collect is almost indistinguishable from Sea Salt in many ways, and we provide it for almost the same purposes as Sea Salt. Details about products we produce through lake salt can be seen using the links at right, or here: Lake Salt.

Rock Salt

Rock salt, also known as 'Halite', is the mineral form of salt. We mine and refine rock salt to produce a number of rock salt product. Details of our rock salt products can be found here: Rock Salt.