Lake Salt

Lake Salt is the name given to salt collected from saline lakes. These are lakes with a high concentration of salt. Normally, such lakes are formed when there is a lake which has an inflow of water, but no outflow (except for evaporation). Incoming water is constantly evaporated, but the salt accumulates in the lake.

The salt we extract from lakes in Pakistan is of a very pure quality, and does not require as much purification as other types of salts. Since Lake Salt is not very different from Sea Salt, the Lake Salt products we provide have pretty much the same uses:

Edible Grade Salt

This is 99% pure sodium chloride for use in everyday cooking. Food grade salt extracted from Lake Salt contains a slightly different set of minerals (apart from sodium chloride, of course), giving a slightly different, more natural taste.

Industrial Grade Salt

In the industry, Lake Salt has the same uses as those of Sea Salt. It is used for de-icing purposes; It used by the Chlor-Alkali industry; It used for purification of metals; It is used as a water softener, and a multitude of other uses.

Bath Salts

Lake Salt from hypersaline lakes (lakes with a higher concentration of salt than seawater) are used to make bath salts that relieve aches and pains better than Sea Salts. Like bath salts made from Sea Salt, the ones made from Lake Salt are also added as additives to a bath, to give a relaxing and better bathing experience.