Rock Salt

Rock Salt, also known as 'Halite' is the name given to the mineral form of sodium chloride. Rock Salt occurs in vast beds of evaporite minerals that result from evaporation of lakes, seas, and playas. Rock Salt is available in vast quantities in Pakistan, and therefore we extract, refine, and market it. We can provide Rock Salt for the following purposes:

Edible Grade Salt

Rock Salt is what is usually used to produce ordinary table salt, which is used for everyday human consumption. Rock Salt is refined leading to 99% sodium chloride, which is called table salt. Table salt is also often iodized to help reduce iodine deficiency in humans.

Industrial Grade Salt

Like all forms of salt, rock salt also has a very large number of industrial uses. It is the primary choice for de-icing, a process to melt unwanted ice away from surfaces, such as roads. Diluted Rock Salt is spread over the frozen surface, and because the salt solution has a lower melting point than water, it melts away the ice. Another popular use of rock salt is in making ice cream, where it is used to quicken the freezing process.

Bath Salts

Like Sea Salts, Rock Salts are also used for bathing purposes. 'Himalayan Bath Salts', the name given to bath salts manufactured by Rock Salt from Pakistan, contain 84 essential minerals, more than any other bath salt, including magnesium, potassium, bromide and calcium. Another product is tiles made of rock salt to be used in saunas.

Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are lamps made out of natural salt crystal. Salt lamps are carved natural salt crystals with a bulb inside. These lamps give an attractive glow and are suitable for use as nightlights. They are also believed to posses health-improving and mentally relieving properties. Salt Lamps emit negative ions that purify the air. In fact, these negative ions are what make mountain and sea air so refreshing. Salt Lamps' aroma helps reduce stress and increase concentration. Salt Lamps produced from Rock Salt from Pakistan are often known as 'Himalayan Salt Lamps'.

Blocks, Tiles and Slabs

As mentioned above, tiles made of Rock Salt are often used for making walls in saunas to provide a relaxing and invigorating experience. Blocks and slabs made of salt bricks are often used to create decorative partitions, walls and shelves. When lighted from behind, walls made out of these blocks give a very attractive glow, as can be seen in our picture gallery. Small slabs are often used for cooking purposes, and sometimes food is also presented on slabs or platters made of rock salt, which adds a delicate tinge of salt to the food being served.