This page shows some videos of the salt works at Chun Su Minerals.

Salt Collection from Evaporation Pond

The following video shows a worker collecting salt from a dried-out salt evaporation pond.

Collecting Salt From Evaporation Pond

Salt Evaporation Ponds

An overview of a few salt evaporation ponds. PVC-floorings on the evaporation ponds and mounds of collected Sea Salt can be seen.

Some Salt Evaporation Ponds

Extracting Salt from a Playa

This video shows a worker extracting lake salt from a playa, a dried out portion of a salt lake.

Extracting Salt From a Playa

Salt From Playa

The following video shows a playa which has been dug up at various places to extract salt.

Salt From Playas

Salt Works Road Tour

Below is a tour of a part of the salt works at Chun Su Minerals. Packaged Sea Salt can be seen lying on sides of a road surrounded by solar evaporation ponds.

Salt Works Tour